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Hotel Esquirol


Route 1: Llivia, Ur, Puigcerda, Bolvir, Ger, Bellver, Sanavastre, Prats, Queixans, Age, Bourg-Madame, Onzés, Llivia. (Camino de Sant Jaume). Level of difficulty: EASY.
Route 2: Llivia Llo Refugi de la Culassa (1850m) Err Llivia. Level of difficulty: High. 30 Km
Route 3: Llivia Err Puigmal tracks Osseja Llivia antennas. Level of difficulty: High. 30 Km
Route 4: Llivia-Onzès-Age-Orri de L'Andreu-Frontera-Pla de las Forques-Queixans-Llivia. Level of difficulty: High .60 Km
Route 6: Llivia-Cereja-Pic dels Morus-Refuge- Llivia. Level of difficulty: High. 35Km
Route 7: Llivia-Angostrina-Hermita Bell lloch-Llivia. Level of difficulty: EASY. 22 km
Route 8: Return to the Cerdanya. Level of difficulty: EASY. 70 Kms
Route 9: Prullans-Vall de la Llosa-Prullans. 30Kms
Route 10: Bellver-Roca Foradada-Refugio del Gonec-Bellver.37Kms

Lake Matemale and surroundings: The area of Capcir is a very beautiful high mountain area to go by mountain electric bike. These routes are only available for stays of 7 days.
Departures have the duration of 4 hours, although if we take the option to eat at the restaurant, we will do all day and charge batteries while we eat.
During the route several stops will be made to take pictures and go to the “bath”. In all the Routes we offer the possibility of eating Picnic € 9 per person or Restaurant.
Possibility of renting GPS with route marked for € 18.

Rent Eletric BTT prices:
- 4 hours: € 35 per person
- 1 day: € 50 per person
- Padlock: 2 €
- Helmet: Free
- Kid Repairs: € 5
- Accompanying guide: €50 (minimum 4 people)